23rd PETER vs. Johannes Achatz - Künstliche Intelligenz
(PONKOFF 058, 2004)

5 fresh electronic remixes of piano core tracks by Johannes Achatz.

23rd PETER - Sings songs of love and devotion
(PONKOFF 059, 2005)

The artists very personal view on five of his all time rock favorites, resulting to sound like "the long lost leonard cohen album"

D.G. - Gomini Suite
(PONKOFF 044, 2004)

70 minutes of random music, recorded, mixed, and produced by d.g. in 2004 using go!minimal free random music software.

besides these albums there are constantly new exclusive releases. please check the full label catalog or the cover gallery for recent and past releases. all music on any release in here for free mp3 download.


June 2005:
After 23rd Peter did a couple of album and concept releases in recent time, all what was left from the recording sessions and did not fit on these albums filled another fine album: "
23rd Peter is the electronic suicide sushi beat box boy". Also some new bonus mp3s by various artists.

March 2005:
The long awaited spring update brings two brand new releases by label host 23rd Peter. first of all "
Künstliche Intelligenz", which is a remix mini album using piano samples by Johannes Achatz, and giving never heard groove, flickering electricity, and artificial intelligence to the original piano tracks. recorded december 2004. "23rd Peter sings songs of love and devotion" is a 5-track E.P. with strange cover versions of some of the artist´s rock favorites.


ANIKA RAECKE - Reflections
(PONKOFF 050, 2004)

Meditative ambient soundscapes in 5 long track make this, the 50th release of, well worth a jubilee release. Tune in, turn On, reflect!

WINF - Musik aus Strom
(PONKOFF 057, 2004)

This new release by WINF is more electronic than ever. Even most voices on this techy-trippy album are synthetic.

GIDO.OTT - Querliedein
(PONKOFF 053, 2004)

15 tracks of fresh electronic beat mixed with a large portion of musical humour, recorded 2001-2003 and compiled by the artist.

Be sure to check our Lüneburg city feature focussing on various artists from this northern german city: electronic soundscapes by Anika Raecke, Jazz from outer space by Grzegorz, improvised music by Fools on Tools, two complete albums by the spontaneous kraut session band Quichotte, and a Best-Of-compilation with tracks by Gido.Ott.

news archive 2004:

December 2004:
New releases: 23rd Peter released "
Künstliche Intelligenz", which is a remix album using piano samples by Johannes Achatz, and giving never heard groove, flickering electricity, and artificial intelligence to the original piano tracks.

November 2004:
A general facelift of the site now makes downloading our mp3s much more easier than before. All album feature sites have been reworked, also preview of hi-res cover scans has been improved. The site now has more than 500 free and legal mp3 files for your pleasure.
New releases: WINF released their long-awaited new album "
Musik aus Strom" with great experimental techno/triphop stuff from the last 12 months. We also added seven releases of the local Lüneburg music scene (see Lüneburg feature for details).

October 2004:
released their "
Volksdrogenguerilla" EP, that was recorded in 1994 but never published before. This release is a brand new mix of all 4 tracks from the original master tape. Also were very proud to bring you great "European folk songs of a thousand years" by Shancarrig, who often appeared at folk festivals at baltic sea shore.

June 2004:
We built a new Full MP3 download index that might make browsing through all of our MP3s much easier than before. It´s quite simple, and holds ALL mp3s in one huge list, within amazing bonus mp3s not included within our featured albums.
New release: "Art Attack:
Picturelistening" - seven years after this great 1997 album by one of the best jazzrock bands from southern germany is out of print, we´re very proud to exclusively host the tracks for free mp3 download. All tracks in perfect studio quality. Also Mathias Bozó of Art Attack announced more material of his recent projects soon to come!

April 2004:
New exclusive releases: "23rd Peter:
plays the music of Günter Bock" contains 4 rcompositions by german composer Günter Bock, rearranged and played by 23rd Peter in a trip hop mood. Neo classical music meets electric beats and noises. Even more serious noise on DGs new album "Gomini Suite", filled with 70 minutes of random composition music, well edited and mixed by the artist.

January 2004:
New release: "23rd Peter:
Trigonometrie" is another EP with weird electronic remixes. all tracks are based on samples from german prog rockers Trigon.

news archive 2003:

december 2003:
announced release of new album "Gomini Suite", filled with music from random composition toools. Soon to be available here! Also the out-of-print album "Picturelistening" by Art Attack will be available here in summer 2004.

october 2003:
Our Kraichgau Pubk Archive now also hosts the 1999 demos of kraichgau oi-punk heros "
Last Orders".

september 2003:
New releases:
Men from Kobaia "Elehktrikh Rezykliw Kommandöh EP" puts together progressive rock and electronic beats, DG "Ex-Stream Centre Drifter" finally is the long awaited first concept album by the southern german beat alchemist, and Radio Bagdad Orchestra "Broadcasting from Home" is 23rd Peter´s brand new project both paying tribute to his former activities in Radio Bagdad and keeping in touch with his contemporary electronic music.

august 2003:
PONKOFF music is proud to host the complete
Trigon mp3 archive, featuring more than 20 CDs of this outstanding southern german heavy zen jazz band. Because of the huge volume of the Trigon archive we decided to leave them out here and put them up on a special site.

july 2003:
Read all about the recent HUGE site update along with further information in
PONKOFF newsletter 2003 (german only)

may 2003:
New releases announced exclusively on PONKOFF: The
Kraichgau Allstars feat. 23rd Peter and DG finally publish their "Hasch aa ä schränkle?" EP based on recordings done in august 2002. Also the formerly two almost identical compilations of DG recordings will be merged together into one anmd the other will be replaced by a brand new DG concept album.

march 2003:
Art Attack "Jazzfunkfusionroll Live 1996" PONKOFF music is very proud to exclusively preserve you with this often requested jazz fusion ethno rock funk and whatsoever crossover band from heidelberg. One of these tracks should already be known to some from their 1997 album "Picture Listening", the others are recordings of the same live source as well. Also their "Picture Listening" album is announced to be free for downoad soon, exclusively on

february 2003:
"23rd Peter vs. Andrew Rodgers" finally available. One hypnotic 22 min. mix plus basic sound sources for the mix on separate tracks.

january 2003:
23rd Peter EP "Recycling Electric Newspaper" using samples from Psychic TV´s "Electric Newspaper" series mixing finished, tracks finally available for free download



RADIO BAGDAD ORCHESTRA - Broadcasting from Home (2003)

SATANS KINDER - Musik zur Kaffeestunde (2001)

Men from Kobaia - Elehktrik Rezykliw Kommandöh (2003)


news archive 2002:
23rd Peter release "Spread out your Love" using basic samples from track by Weird Moonlemons.

With Razorblades, Long Pin, and Heilbronner Dilettanten-Orchester Ponkoff Music is proud to have some archive rereleases: rare recordings from Heilbronn and kraichgau ndw & punk era 1984-93 are waiting to be rediscovered.

new guest release "Richie Rycak - Star Wishes EP", 6 great tracks for free download



FOPI - Session at Moenchengladbach (september 2004)

TRIGON - private gig in Karlsruhe bunker (july 2003)

RICKY ZAZIKI - TV shooting for UK tv appearance in Paris (december 2001)

SATANS KINDER - pics from two recording sessions (2000)

ANT INC. (Ex-Radio Bagdad) live (august 2000)

NEO REALISM - pics from NR headquarters feat. 23rd Peter (april 2000)



ART ATTACK - Live Subkulturtage Heilbronn 1996
(PONKOFF 038, 2003)
great live recording from one of the best bands of heidelberg in late 90s. exclusively for download on PONKOFF.

GODZILLA GOES TO 7 MOONS - Cosmic Bells EP (2000)
demo studio recordings of 1993, possibly the highest quality remains of these psychedelic underground heroes

NEO REALISM - Live in Zuzenhausen (2000)
industrial neofolk live in private public at zuzenhausen, germany, in 2000. recorded directly from soundboard to DAT, maximum sound quality.


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