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care folks,

the new year brings some nice new releases on the free-mp3-label PONKOFF MUSIC at www.ponkoff-music.de. New stuff by WINF, 23rd Peter, Razorblades and Radio Bagdad. The Radio Bagdad release (recordings of 1995) for the first time offers the possibility to download some music with participation by Szandor Vincent Scharsich (aka Ant Inc.), who surely was missed for download in here until now. Many of you should know him from plenty of underground techno events throughout the 90s.

in december 2001 PONKOFF staff was in Paris for a tv-recording with Ricky Zaziki, which will be broadcasted in british TV in may 2002. you´ll see ricky perform "du hast noch sperma in den haaren" within the well-known "eurotrash" series. a planet rapido production.

PONKOFF is focussing on local kraichgau-based music as well as music recorded within the FAMILY OV PSYCHICK INDIVIDUALS art collective, along with recordings of likeminded friends. all releases in here are available for free mp3 download exclusively on our website. all music was written, played, produced and engineered by the artists with no commercial means. PONKOFF-MUSIC is the biggest source for free non-commercial FOPI- and kraichgau-music. with the new releases online there is more than 1 GB audio data available. new stufff always in progress and always appreciated! thanks to bro.brian who makes all the webspace possible! thanks to nocilla for uploading speed! we hope to serve you well!






PONKOFF CD 025 - WINF - Atemtraining

breathe and speech recordings by katrin herbel with electronic music by 23rd peter. this release is within the humourous WINF tradition and offers both lots of musical fun and serious electronic beats. brand new recordings from december 2001.


PONKOFF CD 026 - RAZORBLADES - Gebt mir Orgien oder Gebt mir den Tod

the first compilation with tracks by the legendary kraichgau punk group, that existed from 1985 to 1993. here are six rehearsal recordings from the 1992 line-up: 23rd peter (voice), ollo ertl (git & voice), erik knobloch (bass & voice), alex kunkel (dr). the album title means: "gimme orgies or gimme death" and the music is a big proof of the band´s raw power. ignore the lo-fi sound quality and don´t miss these legendary punk tracks!! all own compositions!


PONKOFF CD 027 - 23rd PETER - Acid Porn

this album is the sequel to PONKOFF cd020 "23rd Peter - Nylon Bitch" and brings another bunch of acid house compositions to be used as porn soundtrack music for atelier m design video productions. all done digitally in 2001 and all meant to blow the techno-house part of your brain. if you do not like the idea of porn then this music might also serve you well for your gentle chill out pleasure.


PONKOFF CD 028 - RADIO BAGDAD - Psychotic Noise Terror

more than 5 years after the bands departure here is the first release of recordings by radio bagdad, a legendary live-act on many, many underground techno events in kraichgau region and around. these are possibly the highest quality recordings available, recorded directly from mixing board during session at radio bagdad headquarter at flinsbach, 25.10.1995. industrial noise, electronic buzzes and flickering beats from the classic line-up: szandor vincent scharsich (aka. ant inc.), 23rd peter and alex kunkel.


PONKOFF CD 029 - DG - The bliss you miss

retrospective of solo works 1998-2001 of the long-term WINF-member featuring dedicated electronic sound stuff as well as midi-based composition tracks. portions of this retrospective have already been published on the former retrospective ponkoff CD014: DG - ABCDG in 2000, this compilation was compiled and edited by the artist himself in late 2001. 16 tracks on 70 minutes!



a compilation of 11 tracks recorded in heilbronn (germany) 1984 by HDO members: auftau, deutsch, v.c.zwanzig & mr. hope. their recordings were spread as very limited tapes in mid 80s. poor audio quality, but very nice recordings both influenced by der plan as well as by german punk of that time.



23rd peter opens his box of cover versions he has done during the last 8 years. hear him regroove some krishna chanting folks, check out his variations on psychic tv, hawkwind and magma, check out his re-edit of gerhard schöne, check his altered vocals on speedys a gogo and listen to a reconstructed lost WINF track. plenty of fun and true devotion towards the original artists.



with this release WINF goes back to the basic line-up: 23rd peter and d.g. remixing and recycling each other to give full gain to strictly 89 bpm chill electronica. 5 brand new tracks, composed and arranged december 2001 to january 2002.





the whole back catalog of another 24 exclusive releases with much more music is still available for free mp3 download. you´ll find music by:

23rd Peter, Family of Psychic Individuals, WINF, Radio Bagdad, DG, Sound 23 Collective, Terminus B, Ricky Zaziki, Neo Realism, Godzilla goes to 7 Moons, Razorblades, Satans Kinder, Großwaldstadt, Heilbronner Dilettanten

Check it out at www.ponkoff-music.de





here´s a list of things we´re currently working at. besides of the mentioned releases below there sure will be plenty of more releases in future like this happened to be in the past as well:

DG - Exakte Messungen wiederlegen den Kopernikanismus - cd release
(this will be a brand new all digital one-track noise-only release by WINF member d.g.; extreme noise and power electronics will make this one of the industrial highlights of our lable catalog for the forthcoming year)

WINF - Das Chaos: Wiege der Menschheit - cd reissue
(CD-Reissue of their 1991 conceptual tape feat. 23rd peter, d.g., szandor vincent scharsich, markus r. john and others. industrial based experimental stuff.)

ART ATTACK - complete album on PONKOFF!
(heidelberg based german psychedelic fusion group art attack donated their recordings after the bands departure in 2001 to the public for free download in here. either their 1999 album or some unreleased live recordings will be available soon in here!!)

LAST ORDERS - demo stuff reissue
(another kraichgau based documentary release of this legendary oi-punk band. ponkoff-music will exclusively release their ancient studio demo recordings of 1998 and 1999 and eventually some live stuff)

WALDBACH - album release
(after the release of the first session demo recordings we were asked to release also some more recordings of higher sound quality. and for sure we will!)

(PONKOFF artist ricky zaziki will appear on the english tv series "eurotrash" during the forthcoming year. tv recordings took place in paris in december 2001. the series will be broadcasted in england.
here are some pics from the studio recordings watch out for further announcements!)





please donate us some samples over the PONKOFF VOICEBOX!

call: ++49-(0)40-3603 235 135

this answering machine directly records to a sampled file on our mixing hard disk. you may call at ANY time and leave up to 30 seconds of voices & noises there, that are used exclusively for remixing purposes. we try to use EVERY bit of noise left there!

for examples see PONKOFF CD001: "WINF vs. WWW", it features many sample bits from the voicebox.




This virtual record label takes place within the FOPI ART COLLECTIVE. All releases available for free MP3 download. Everything was done by 23rd peter for your listening pleasure!!!

If you are/were related with any of the artists on PONKOFF, if you ever performed live in kraichgau region, or if you feel likeminded then get in touch with us if you want to appear with your music on ponkoff-music.de.


URL: www.ponkoff-music.de

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PONKOFF contact: peter23rd@aol.com

please get in touch with us if you want to be added or removed from our newsletter!