On december 13th, 2001, the shooting for Ricky Zaziki´s tv appearance on british tv series "Eurotrash" took place at the planet rapido studios at paris, france.

The show will be broadcasted approximately in may 2002 in the UK. If you´re located in the UK be sure not to miss this!

The track recorded for tv broadcast is "Du hast noch Sperma in den Haaren" ("You still have sperms in your hair").

Ricky (aka Mathias Bozó) was accompanied by four dancers on stage, each with sperms in the hair.

The track is availble for free mp3 download here, along with 3 other tracks by Ricky Zaziki.

Ricky Zaziki - king of wicked german schlager.

Ricky gets his hair styled before the show.

Ricky backstage at Planet Rapido studios, Paris.