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care folks,

after a long period of no updates (but with lots of new produstions in between) finally here is the long awaited 2001 update of the free-mp3-label PONKOFF MUSIC at www.ponkoff-music.de

PONKOFF is focussing on music recorded within the FAMILY OV PSYCHICK INDIVIDUALS art collective, as well as local kraichgau-based music, along with recordings of likeminded friends. all releases in here are available for free mp3 download exclusively on our website. all music was written, played, produced and engineered by the artists with no commercial means. PONKOFF-MUSIC is the biggest source for free non-commercial FOPI- and kraichgau-music. with the new releases online there is close to 1 GB audio data available. thanks to bro.brian who makes all the webspace possible! thanks to nocilla for uploading speed! we hope to serve you well!





this update brings a couple of new releases from the passing year:


PONKOFF CD 016 - NEO REALISM - Live in Zuzenhausen

this CD features a unique event of NEO REALISM (from Steenbergen, netherlands) playing live in private public in Zuzenhausen near Heidelberg, germany 2000. the live sound was recorded directly from soundboard to DAT and on this release you will hear the authentic live sound of this athmospheric event. After a drowning industrial intro maybe the best version of neo realisms "not to be" is to be heard. 150% drugged music. is it goth? is it industrial pop? we don´t know, we simply call it NEO REALISM!


PONKOFF CD 017 - FAMILY OV PSYCHIC INDIVIDUALS - From Industrial Pirate Ground

this CD holds stuff compiled, re-edited, re-cycled, resampled etc. from the preparation of the NEO REALISM gig in zuzenhausen and the FOPI meeting the days before in munich. members and friends of FOPI might recognize some samples used in there and might also enjoy the other tracks. though the recordings were not done in order to create a new album, they still work pretty well as an industrial concept release.


PONKOFF CD 018 - SATANS KINDER - Musik zur Kaffeestunde

after having released two CDs before this is the third and final release by "daughters and sons of satan", now called "satans children". while the first CDs of this southern germany based band were mostly plain session recordings, this release offers lots of re-editing and modern studio techniques to cover a full sound and style spectrum. lots of dedicated samples are used and lots of weird sound filters. if we were in releasing CD-singles we would not know which track to chose from this album, as there are plenty of remarkable tracks with a potential for underground hits. this is contemporary independent music at its best.


PONKOFF CD 019 - 23rd PETER - Acid is EP

plain techno/acid stuff by 23rd peter. no need to say more.


PONKOFF CD 020 - 23rd PETER - Nylon Bitch EP

even more techno stuff by 23rd Peter. A bit more warm and tender than the release before and basically meant to be soundtrack music for a nylon fetish porn movie. therefor this EP holds only 2 rather long tracks. though download of these MP3s might take a while be sure to get them all if you´re in acid/house electronica.

actually 23rd peter will release another CD album of this style which will be called "acid porn" when finished. music to watch porn by!



this album is the documentation of the FOPI meeting in brunssum, netherlands, this february. for this event FOPI were: bro.beam (NL), bro.23rd peter (GER), bro.landon (NL/USA) and especially feat. bro.mike (USA) and bro.mathias (GER) who joined FOPI for the first time ever on this event. another great documentary of the cooperating spirit within the FOPI industrial scene.


PONKOFF CD 022 - TERMINUS B - Musak vor Pervormanz

this is a licence release from canadian artist Jeff L. - music made for an industrial ballet performance. We´re very proud to present all four tracks for this in full length for free mp3 download exclusively at ponkoff-music.de

check out this great sound!


PONKOFF CD 023 - SOUND23 COLLECTIVE - Time starts thee Clocks...

this is another licence release. music done by the scottish sound23 collective, a group of experimental and ever-interchanging musicians similar to the FOPI art collective. best filed under "ambient industrial".


PONKOFF CD 024 - WALDBACH - September Session plus Remixes

this is the long-awaited first demo release by the german rock session group waldbach (www.waldbach.com), that after several personal changes now features 23rd peter on voices and noises. this album holds the very first recordings with the new line-up, along with 4 full-digital remixes/re-edits by 23rd peter in a more technoid style. more of this band is to come soon.






here´s a list of the recent releases, that still are online as well for free mp3 download:



PONKOFF CO 002 - 23RD PETER: bloody stoned tunes

PONKOFF CD 003 - WINF: music after intoxication

PONKOFF CD 004 - GODZILLA GOES TO SEVEN MOONS: Cosmic Bells E.P. (with studio PONKOFF CD 005 - WINF: trugbild der welt

PONKOFF CD 006 - WINF: das schwerkraftritual

PONKOFF CD 007 - RICKY ZAZIKY: ich bin du E.P.

PONKOFF CD 008 - SPEEDYS A GO GO: boredom 20/20 E.P.

PONKOFF CD 009 - 23RD PETER: plays bass guitar E.P.

PONKOFF CD 010 - GROSSWALDTADT: Weich und bequem E.P.


PONKOFF CD 012 - TÖCHTER UND SÖHNE SATANS: Every little prayer

PONKOFF CD 013 - NEO REALISM: Songs for a cave




all releases are in 128 kbps mp3-resolution or better and are mostly optimized for satisfying sound quality. all releases also hold full cover artwork in printable 144-dpi resolution, mostly with additional information on the tracks.






here´s a list of things we´re currently working at. besides of the mentioned releases below there sure will be plenty of more releases in future like this happened to be in the past as well:



WINF - atemtraining EP

(here´s a brand new WINF release in a classic winf-lineup with 23rd Peter and Katrin Herbel. based on spoken word tracks for environmental art by katrin herbel 1999 (focussing on "breathe training" and "self massage") WINF is about to train your breath on this journey through contemportary electronica...)

ponkoff cd025 out december 2001


RAZORBLADES - gebt mir orgien oder gebt mir den tod!

(1992 rehearsal recordings of one of the most energetic punk rock bands from kraichgau. in their 1992 line-up the band was well known for their outrageous live appearances, but never released any stuff during the bands existance. this CD features 6 classical tracks all written by the razorblades.)

ponkoff cd026 out january 2002


23rd PETER - acid porn

(full album with finest acid in town, mostly soundtrack music for porn movie productions. portions of this soundtrack works have already been published on ponkoff CD020: 23rd Peter - Nylon Bitch)

ponkoff CD027? out 2002


DG - the bliss you miss - album release

(retrospective of solo works 1998-2001 of the long-term WINF-member featuring electronic sound stuff as well as composition-based tracks. portions of this retrospective have already been published on the former retrospective ponkoff CD014: DG - ABCDG in 2000)

ponkoff cd028? out 2002

WINF - tok-woo - EP release

(after years of mostly solo-releases finally some brand new stuff by the actual incorporation of WINF: 23rd Peter and D.G. remixing and reediting each other. pure digital electronic stuff so far. the release is hard in progress, but may be released not until spring 2002)


LAST ORDERS - album release

(inmidst lots of industrial/experimental/acid releases here´s another kraichgau based documentary release of this legendary oi-punk band. ponkoff-music will exclusively release their ancient studio demo recordings of 1998 and 1999)


WALDBACH - album release

(after the release of the first session demo recordings we were asked to release also some more recordings of higher sound quality. and for sure we will!)



(PONKOFF artist ricky zaziki will appear on the english tv series "eurotrash" during the forthcoming year. tv recordings took place in paris in december 2001. the series will be broadcasted in england. here are some pics from the studio recordings watch out for announcements!)


NEO REALISM live - cancelled!

(neo realism were supposed to play live in mönchengladbach, germany in mid december. the event was cancelled. the PONKOFF folks are very sad and try to check for a substitutional occasion for such an event!)





please donate us some samples over the PONKOFF VOICEBOX!

call: ++49-(0)40-3603 235 135

this answering machine directly records to a sampled file on our mixing hard disk. you may call at ANY time and leave up to 30 seconds of voices & noises there.


PONKOFF CD001: WINF vs. WWW features many sample bits from the voicebox.




This virtual record label takes place within the FOPI ART COLLECTIVE. All releases available for free MP3 download. Everything was done by 23rd peter for your listening pleasure!!!


URL: www.ponkoff-music.de


without annoying pop-ups you might also reach the page at:



PONKOFF contact: peter23rd@aol.com