LINKS TO PONKOFF ARTISTS: - Family ov Psychic Individuals Cybertribe, has also huge amounts of MP3s by artists featured in here - Insinity Network Recordings (INR) blog, part of dutch industrial/neofolk mp3 archive with recordings of artists also featured in here

Virtual WINF - huge archive about WINF art collective (not updated since 1998 or so, but still up and running)

Trigon MP3 archive - TRIGON MP3 archive

HeavyZenJazz - official TRIGON band homepage - WEIRD MOONLEMONS homepage

Musik-im-Raum - WALDBACH band homepage


LINKS TO RELATED COUNTERCULTURAL MUSIC & ART: - annual Römersee music festival, Bad Rappenau - Bermudafunk, regioanl independent radio - local Heidelberg techno tribe community Harlequins, Heidelberg - german underground hard tek info site - cultural summer event at lake Müritz - a great weblog on free mp3s and a comprehensive catalog of mp3-netlabels - Kranke Kunst Verlag Berlin, also homebase of mp3s by Krankheit der Jugend and related artists - hamburg based comedy show

anna-and-sonja toybox - if you´re tired of all the music in here why not play with cute girls in psychedelic athmosphere?

alexxandras psychedelic crypt - if you´re tired of all of the above then check out some psychedelic pics of a fetish woman.




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