23rd Peter vs. Johannes Achatz:
Künstliche Intelligenz

PONKOFF CD 058 (2004)

all tracks composed, recorded, and enmgineered by 23rd peter in november 2004. each track uses piano samples by johannes achatz and also each track contains artificial intelligence.

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Full album MP3 downloads:

01 Rasterknaster - 3:39 min
Aber doch - 4:40 min
Künstliche Intelligenz - 5:09 min
Everything around me is ever changing - 7:02 min
Hallo wach - 5:14 min

all artists agreed to have their music published at ponkoff-music.de for free, private, non-commercial use. download of mp3 files from this site is 100% legal.

Track 1 contains a flute sample by Shancarrig. Track 4 contains a speech sample by Mahatma Gandhi. All voices on track 3 are synthetic voices from the AT&T Text to Speech Demo.

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