PONKOFF CD 048 (2004)

WINF were:
23rd Peter (electronic voices and noises), D.G. (electronic voices and noises), Axel Moe (electronic noises), Chris Superstar Illig (riot voices on track 4).

These tracks originally were recorded in 1994 at Kirchardt-Berwangen as a response to some politicians mindless suggestion to prohibit techno music in order to prevent party people from taking drugs.

Original engineering (1994) by D.G. and 23rd Peter, remixed from original mastertape in 2004 by 23rd Peter.

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01 zum beispiel eduard lintner - 3:21 min
02 bundesdrogenbeauftragter - 4:39 min
03 sucht harte erlösung und findet - 4:11 min
04 volkszorn - 4:18 min
05 diesmal in gelb - 6:49 min

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