23rd Peter vs. Trigon:
Trigonometrie (The TRIGON RMXs)

PONKOFF CD 045 (2004)

Everything recorded, mixed and produced by 23rd Peter in january 2004, using samples from Trigon (german prog rock band) Promo CD.

for more information on Trigon also see the TRIGON website

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Full album MP3 downloads:

01. fraese - 4:28 min | 5.1 mb
(using samples from "you do fraesend" by trigon)
02. peitsche - 4:42 min | 5.4 mb
(using samples from "peitscht das kamel" by trigon)
03. brache - 4:32 min | 5.1 mb
(using samples from kleines brachiales machwerk" by trigon)

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