23rd Peter:
Under Cover, Coverversions 1994-2001

PONKOFF CD 031 (2001)

compilation of more or less serious coverversions. no particular selection and no concept, simply all i could find in my archive. all stuff recorded and produced by 23rd peter 1994-2001.

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01. krishna mukunda murare - 7:42 min
unclean - 2:39 min
mekanik wakhund kommandöh - 1:39 min
amo remixam - 6:45 min
hit song - 3:13 min
seven by seven - 3:53 min
die karawane - 4:12 min
nazis raus - 2:14 min

all artists agreed to have their music published at ponkoff-music.de for free, private, non-commercial use. download of mp3 files from this site is 100% legal.


track 01 uses original voice track from a chanting tape by kripalu people center, regrooved by 23rd peter in 1994.

track 02 is based on "unclean" by psychic tv. notated and filled with digital voices by 23rd peter 1996-2001.

track 03 is based on "mekanik destrüktiw kommandöh" by magma, all played by 23rd peter in 1995.

track 04 is based on "amo vitam" by rosenstolz, remixed by 23rd peter in 2000.

track 05 is based on a lost session recording by WINF, reconstructed by 23rd peter in 1995.

track 06 is based on "seven by seven" by hawkwind, all played by 23rd peter in 1995.

track 07 is based on "wohin zieht die karawane" by gerhard schöne, remixed and re-edited by 23rd peter in 2001.

track 08 is based on "teenage coma" by speedys a go go and uses the original instrumental tracks by the band, vocals by 23rd peter in 1994.

the aim of this release is not to pirate the original artists, but to pay tribute to the artists and show them my deep devotion.