Speedys a go go:
Boredom 20/20 EP

PONKOFF CD 008 (2000)

 for these recordings speedys a go go were:
mad puppet, stiff godard, gabe melody, mikey mc owen

originally released as 20 minute demo tape by the band in 1994.
cover artwork adapted from original cassette cover.

all music & words by stiff & mad, produced by 23rd peter 1994,
digitally remastered by 23rd peter in 2000.

total length (18:18 min) 

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Full album MP3 downloads:

01 Pass on your dog - 2:37 min
Sun-glass suicide - 3:29 min
Boredom 20/20 - 2:52 min
Teenage Coma* - 2:21 min
Sleeping with the enemy - 3:05 min
Lost on Highway 46 - 2:44 min

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*for 23rd peters cover version of this song click here!