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PONKOFF CD 057 ... WINF - Musik aus Strom (2004)

PONKOFF CD 032 ... WINF - Tok-Woo EP (2002)

PONKOFF CD 025 ... WINF - Atemtraining (2001)

PONKOFF CD 001 ... WINF vs. WWW - Signs of Life from Ponto´s trunk (rec. 1990, remixed 2000)

PONKOFF CD 003 ... WINF - Music after Intoxication (rec. 1995-1998)

PONKOFF CD 048 ... WINF - Volksdrogenguerilla (rec. 1994)

PONKOFF CD 006 ... WINF - The Gravity Ritual (rec. 1993)

PONKOFF CD 005 ... WINF - An Illusion of the World (rec. 1989)

WINF was founded as a free music project in southern germany by 23rd peter (peter schmelzle), skoff (jens klenk) - both of razorblades, together with d.g. (andreas pödör), and mathias bozó, who were jamming together regularly in the late 80s, playing free improvisational music influenced both by space/prog rock and contemporary electronic evolution. all group members were also in interactive writing and painting. the group name "winf" was created by skoff during an automatistic writing session.

after a poster campaign in 1989 the WINF collective was joined by jürgen scharsich, katrin herbel, tschölg glömimpilk (yorck kronenberg), norbert wirth, jan albert (jan michaelis), markus r. john, and some more writers, performers, musicians, freaks and friends, now being a group of about 20 artists.

while WINF was used as group name mostly for performances by 23rd Peter with a multitude of members, some more bands and projects also consisted of WINF members only, like radio bagdad, requiem für tote sterne, grosswaldstadt,and some more.

from 1989 to about 1993 the WINF collective participated in and managed many subcultural festivals and exhibitions. some highlights were the 3-day opening festival for club "little woodstock" and the opening show for club "lichtspielhaus" in heilbronn, participation at "umsonst & draussen" festival at stuttgart, performing at "fischerhof" cultural center bamberg, collaborations with "pilum" art collective, book, poster, and sticker publications, etc.

the radical interactive and spontaneous character of WINF projects surely was of big influence to all collective members.

after 1993 most of the collective departed in order to work on their solo careers, their graduations, their families etc. and/or moving to other parts of the world.

In 1994 and 1995 the line-up mostly consisted of 23rd peter, d.g., mathias bozó with frequent help by chris illig and axel moe.

Since 1995 the term WINF is used on steady collaboration projects of the remaining founders, which are 23rd peter, d.g., and mathias bozó.

In 2000 WINF remixed their 1990 recordings with voices and noises collected from all over the world over a digital answering machine.

In 2002 the "Tok-Woo" EP payd tribute to contemporary techno/trip hop, now with abstract instrumental tracks.

Even more abstraction is to be found on the latest WINF release "Musik aus Strom" (2004), that mostly uses synthetic voices over sophisticated electronic music.

Besides of new releases there are a plenty of archive recordings from all periods planned to be released somewhen in future.