Ponkoff-Music introducing local german music scenes, pt.1:

Music from Lüneburg

This first city feature within ponkoff-music.de starts in Winter 2004/2005 with Lüneburg in northern germany. Though this city near Hamburg is rather small (population 70.000) and you never might have heard of it, there is a rather vital underground music scene there. Many students and academic musicians form an interesting mixture of psychedelic and electronic music with a variety of influences and expressions. The scene is small and closely connected. To find out how all depends on each other please read our feature for the band Quichotte, which somehow is the melting pot of the Lüneburg underground.

We are proud to present 7 exclusive full length albums by Lüneburg artists for free mp3 download. Most of this music has not been published before.

Gido.Ott already paublished a couple of CDs with tricky electronic music. This compilation CD "Querliedein" has 15 of his best tracks out of the last three years, compiled by the artist himself.

Anika Raecke recorded an album of meditative and ambient electronic "Reflections". Recorded in Lüneburg 2002.

Fools on Tools is one of the great improvisational music projects from Lüneburg. Their album "Improvisations with machines" contains five spontaneous tracks from 2004.

Quichotte is not only a psychedelic project from Lüneburg, that constantly improvises, it´s also a group that gathers members of other bands and lives of a multitude of influences.

a feature for Quichotte is here.

Because Quichotte are so creative, we also have another album published in here, spontaneous improvised psychedelic rock from 2004 sometimes with strange wind instruments. Including a cover version of Can´s "Soul desert".

"Jazz from outer space" by Grzegorz has 24 electronic tracks from nonsense to ambient to techno, recorded 2002, with a total time of more than 100 minutes.

This series of city features will be continued from time to time.