23rd Peter
is editor of this site and was involved in many recordings in here, also member of FOPI network

Art Attack
is a great jazzrock and fusion band from heidelberg

is a independent band from mannheim

is member of WINF and well respected for weird electronic music

Family ov Psychic Individuals (FOPI)
is an international network of industrial experimental musicians

Fools on Tools
is featured in our "Lüneburg Special"

is solo artists and also member of Quichotte.

Godzilla goes to seven moons
great psychedelic rock from the early 90s

was a side project of WINF

is solo artists and also member of Quichotte.

Heilbronner Dilettanten Orchester
is a project by 23rd Peter

Kraichgau Allstars
is a project by 23rd Peter

Krankheit der Jugend
are a berlin electro band, formerly based at kraichgau.

Last Orders
raw Oi Punk direct from the heart of the kraichgau

Long Pin
we have a great 80s live recording of this Eppingen local heroes

Men from Kobaia
is a project by 23rd Peter

Neo Realism
dutch industrial neofolk project, member of FOPI network

is a free improvisational and experimental rock band from Lüneburg

Radio Bagdad
were famous both for noise metal and gabba techno, lead by Ant Inc. with collaboration by 23rd Peter

Radio Bagdad Orchestra
is a project by 23rd Peter

Anika Raecke
is featured in our "Lüneburg Special"


was a local german punk band around 1990 feat. 23rd Peter on vocals

Richie Rycak
is a young, gifted electronic musician from poland

is a great folk band from germany. more info to come

Sound 23 Collective
is a spontanneous music project

Speedys a Gogo
might impress you with their fresh and dirty glam punk

Terminus B
is a canadian project, that contributed a great industrial EP in here

Töchter und Söhne Satans
is a project by 23rd Peter

is an experimental rock band and sometimes is mixed with electronic sketches

is a german experimental art network since 1989. many artists in here are linked throuhg WINF

Ricky Zaziky
Is one of the many projects by Mathias Bozó. Funny as hell.

Zen Club
is one of the most brilliant recent indie live bands from germany.